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Frequently Asked Questions for Wedding Planner

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?
As little or as much as you need.  From the initial budget planning to supervising that the last detail of the reception happens on schedule, a professional bridal consultant personally brings experience and knowledge of the wedding industry into your wedding plans - which can be the difference between an event that comes together and one that does not.
Do I need a Wedding Planner?
More than ever in these current economic times having someone who knows how to get the maximum return on your investment is invaluable  Having the help of an experienced professional that is not emotionally involved in planning your wedding can result in a wedding day that meets the expectations of your dreams without breaking your budget.
Can I afford a Wedding Planner?
Wedding Planners help you get the best possible services with your specific budget, regardless of it's size. This translates into savings.  A planner's knowledge can also help in negotiating the details of services received for each dollar spent, getting the highest quality you can afford.  The planner's fee can be largely recouped in the savings realized by their knowledge.

The bottom line is you have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to gain by having a wedding planner help with some aspect of your wedding plans.  Accolade has of a number of different services that can help you figure out what is important to YOU and how that gets incorporated into your wedding.

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